Authors can submit their papers for possible publication in the Countryside Development Research Journal (CDRJ), a Category B CHED Accredited Research Journal in 2015. The conference organizers have partnered with the Editorial Board of the CDRJ to publish an special issues(s) to cater to iPOVCON paper presenters/authors.

POVCON papers are well within the coverage of CDRJ. Aside from those that will be presented in the conference, CDRJ also welcome manuscripts that enclose advance knowledge and understanding of all aspects of disciplines along science and technology, engineering, health sciences, education and management, languages and communications, gender and development, social sciences, industrial technology, and information technology. All manuscripts must have a sound scientific, theoretiical and philosophical base. For more information about the CDRJ, please visit, you can also visit its Facebook pageĀ

For authors who are intersted to publish at the CDRJ, please follow the following steps;

1. Revise your manuscript following the prescribed format for the website. Please refer to the author guidelines for instruction.

2. Visit the CDRJ website and create an account.

3. Submit your manuscript and wait for the response of the editor regarding your paper and some enhancement to improve chances of being accepted. When a review has been made, it shall be returned to you and you will be given enough time to enhance your paper. Focus on the content revision and CDRJ staff will assist you in the formatting of your paper.