Conference Chair & Committee

Committee In-Charge Personnel Assigned
Overall Conference Management SSU Marilyn D. Cardoso

Ronald L. Orale

SherrieAnn C. Labid

Scientific Review SSU/UEP/NwSSU/ESSU Ronald Orale, Sherrie Ann C. Labid
Secretariat SSU/UEP/NWSSU
Website SSU-ICT & MIS
Production of Monograph SSU-RCCSI; Publication
Production of Conference Proceedings SSU-RCCSI; Publication
Documentation SSU-RCCSI; Publication
Conference Program SSU/UEP/ESSU/NwSSU
Socio-cultural SSU-CASPED
Reception SSU/ESSU
Procurement SSU
Transportation SSU/UEP/ESSU/NWSSU
Invitation to Speakers and CHED Memo SSU-RCCSI
Call for Papers SSU-RCCSI, Directors of MIS and ICT
Printing SSU
Guest accommodation SSU/PROVINCE
Security CLGU-Catbalogan/PLGU Samar Province
Tarpaulins SSU
Food SSU; PLGU Samar
Transportation CLGU Catbalogan/SSU
Eco-tour Provincial Tourism office
Technical SSU
Moderators SSU
Venue SSU
Accommodation SSU
Fetching of Keynote Speakers/Welcome of participants at entry points Allen Seaport/Catarman Airport-UEP

Calbayog Airport/Seaport – NwSSU

Tacloban Airport-SSU/ESSU



SSU Radio; ABSCBN, and other local media