Call for Papers

Everyone is invited to participate as paper presenter in oral or poster categories or as an interactor to many plenary and paper presentation sessions in the First National Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development or PovCon2017. The sessions will be filled with very important topics that will surely provide everyone in attendance information geared towards attaining a better social condition for everyone.

To achieve the goals of disseminating concepts and success stories, the The PovCon2017 organizers encourages everyone to submit your 250 word paper abstracts in poverty and sustainable development specifically along the following tracks;


  1. Poverty and Economic Development
  2. Poverty and Agri-Fishery
  3. Poverty and Eco-Tourism
  4. Poverty Eradication Success Stories
  5. Poverty Eradication Issues
  6. Poverty and Geography, Environment and Resources
  7. Poverty and Armed-Conflict

To participate as paper presenter, submit your abstract using the provided format. Download the file from this link. The abstract is a single paragraph, without indentation summarizing the key points of the paper in not more than 250 words.  Ideally it has one sentence of introduction or rationale. This is followed with one sentence statement of objectives, usually the general objective only. The methodology usually takes one to two sentences and followed immediately with key results of the paper. A one sentence of conclusion is presented. Make sure that your abstract carries that important take-home message that will trigger the interest of the reader to get hold of the full paper. A recommendation for further study may be presented but not required.

Once accepted, a notification letter will be sent to your email. Full paper needs to be submitted if it is chosen as competing paper.