Ecotourism sites for grabs after the conference, reserve now to be accommodated!

The organizers proposes the following sites to be visited. Prior reservation is requested to facilitate prior arrangements with the tour providers. Cost to this tours will depend on the number of participants. For a day tour, one can only take one package. If you wish to take other tour destinations, you need to extend for another day or two.


  1. Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge: The destination can be reach from Catbalogan by about three hours. Two hours from Catbalogan to Basey Samar and another hour to the site. The town of Basey is just an hour away to the DZR Airport in Tacloban City. If you want this tour, you can take the last flight out of Tacloban or better yet take the flight the following day of the tour. The internet will provide you a lot of stories about this most visited destination in Samar. Here are some of it. Feature story #1, Feature story #2  Feature story #3
  2. Turpedo Boat Ride (Ulot River). The tour will last for at least 2 hours and expect you will get wet. The take off point is about less than an hour away from Catbalogan and about 2 hours away from Tacloban City Airport. Here are some stories about the ride. Feature story #1, Feature story #2, Feature story #3
  3. Lulugayan Falls. This is just one of the many falls in Samar Island. Dubbed by the locals as the mini Niagara falls of Canada, it can be reach from Catbalogan in a little more than hour drive. Additional habal-habal ride is needed from the town of Calbiga and another 30 minutes hike to the falls itself. The term “lologayan” or “lulugayan” came from the waray-waray root word “logay” meaning to unfold a braided long hair. Feature story #1, Feature story #2, Feature story #3.

The other destinations below can be provided by a local guide. Arrangements will be made after we received your requests for reservations.

  1.  Crystal Cave. The crystal cave is found in the City of Catbalogan. Reaching this gem requires a little more than 2 hours 8 km hike from Brgy San Andress, catbalogan City. The Crystal cave was discovered and surveyed in May 2014 by Joni Abesamis Bonifcacio and Elezar Labtic local tourist guides and speleologists. The cave is just 400m but one will be awed of immense beauty, confirming the old adage that size doesn’t always matter. Feature story #1, Feature story #2, Feature story #3
  2. Bangon Canyoneering. Canyoning is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. The starting point of the activity is found at Kulador where you will ascend from a ravine about 15m tall. The canyoning will be finish in 2 hours. Expect to be wet and soiled. The biggest challenge is jumping from a cliff about 20m tall into a pool of water. Feature story #1, Feature story #2, Feature story #3
  3. Lobo Cave. Lobo cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Samar. It has a number of waterscapes inside the cave. Expect to see waterfalls, a river and some pools inside. The entry point is somewhere in Brgy Tagbayaon, about 20 minutes drive from Catbalogan. You need to hike to a hill and down to the cave for about 40 minutes. Expect to be wet in this activity. Here are some of the stories about the cave. Feature story #1, Feature story #2, Feature story  #3.

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